Someone asked me What you find in old cars..? old cars.. I get this feel of power,muscleness,looks Broad wide exteriors Extra comfortable interiors. I get this feeling of just keep on driving and driving I d ...
Hello Petrol heads i have been on this journey of saving classic cars for almost half a decade now and at times i do come across people who do ask me Why Bespoke cars ? hence i thought i should share exactly what is the ...
88’ BMW E34 By Duncan Sharma Builds And Restorations My Bmw 530i story The Story of my Bmw E34 starts when in my vacations I went all the way to Dehradun from the North East i.e Guwahati 2300kms away on a hunch t ...
Hello Petrol Heads!! I’m sure many of us have been driving for quite a bit now but at the same time a lot many of us don’t know the basic fixes when stranded upon road and there’s no mechanic nearby. We all are grown u ...
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We at Custom Classic Cars , offer a brilliant solution to new car showrooms and car accessories interior in INDIA to get a smile on Our customers face while they are being handed over their brand new cars keys

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