Volkwagen Touraeg

Volkwagen Touraeg

Volkwagen Touraeg 
V6 Petrol 
Immaculate condition 
2011 Regd 
Noc possible any where before delivery 
Diplomatic vehicle 
9.75 Lakhs 
Nothing to be looked into !
7500800333 what's app only 
Only communicate via writing as I have odd working hours and work around geographies !!!

Driving experience -

Dear Prospect I have had this car for over a month now and what I feel is it's a choice of machine for some on who wants a sense of calm and peace in his life and a feeling of being accomplished , this is one car that has its poise and stature which it handles very well it's quite an enormous size of an suv and has its share of weight what I like is the sense of space as well as the the entire driving exp i could say is noise less it just goes on and on so for some one who is a highway hauler it's the most apt -

Service network plus a very commonly used engine across the skoda audi and the volkwagen range and easily serviceable parts is what did draw my attention towards this !!!

So if u are looking at a vehicle u want to travel in for long distances I shall recommend this however if u looking at a city point a to point b I would not recommend this as its size is enormous honestly and the car is in a mint fresh condition hence I would kill my self to throw it in an environment where I see it 6 months down the line and I see songs and scratches on this well kept beauty !

These are just personal experiences and opinions I am sure u shall have your own share off them !!!

Classic car man 
Yuwan Kant Bakhshi

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